Why Donama Cervical Pillow Can Help Relieve Neck Pain?

Why Donama Cervical Pillow Can Help Relieve Neck Pain?

Donama Cervical Pillows are specially constructed to provide neck support and keep your spine in proper alignment while you're asleep. A cervical pillow conforms to your body's structure. It's higher where your neck is and more compressed where your head lies. 

Donama neck support pillow is made of high quality CertiPUR-US certified rebound memory foam,it has a unique non-toxic, non-allergenic, molded foam design. Premium quality firm and not too soft for maximum comfort and great relaxation of your head, neck. 

The DONAMA side sleeping pillow has a double-layer high-quality pillowcase, which is soft and stretches and contracts well with the pillow core. Made from hypoallergenic cotton and polyester, the pillowcase fits perfectly against the skin, and its soft, breathable fabric keeps you cool all night.

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