Our Mission

Our Culture:

Be respectful, do correct things.

We are here to make positive influence, as well as make a profit.

We are against racism and do not create racist content. 

We are against gender discrimination, we support women and women's small business. 

We respect the creatures in this planet and do not create content that abuses people or other creatures.

We respect people's political and religious leanings, so we keep the business out of any religious and political affiliations. 


Our Mission:

Donama has set To Provide Best Pillows And Be One of The Top 10 Pillow Brands as goal from the beginning, so we will do all the positive and helpful things to design and manufacture the best pillow products, research and pick out the best materials, provide best service for our fans and customers.

We'd like to pursue better product quality, lower price, better service with all donama supporters together, develop and grow together.