About Us

DONAMA is a brand that specializes in selling cervical pillows. Our story begins with a woman who suffered from cervical spine disease and often felt tired due to lack of sleep. She tried various different pillows but none of them helped improve the quality of her sleep. Eventually, she decided to design her own pillow that would support her neck and provide a comfortable sleep.



She presented her design to DONAMA and we began producing this unique cervical pillow. After several months of market research and testing, we found that this pillow was highly effective in helping people improve their sleep quality. Many of our customers with cervical spine disease have reported that after using our cervical pillow, they have experienced an improvement in their sleep and a reduction in neck pain.

Based on scientific, ergonomic approach to our pillows, at donama we've been providing pillows that ease a multitude of health issues. From neck relief and back aid cushions to cervical sleep pillows, foot cushions, decorative pads, and pressure assist seat cushions. Our wide variety of superior sleep aids ensure you and your extended family experience a tranquil, refreshing, deep rest every night.


We believe no one should suffer from chair discomfort at work or sleep problems at night. Utilizing our preferred butterfly shape as our standard sleep pillow exterior and memory foam as our primary inner material, coupled with a soft silk cover, provides our customers with outstanding coziness. We've made it our mission to banish sleep problems for everyone. So to begin your foray into a good night's rest , click the link below to shop your way into slumber heaven.