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1. How to clean donama cervical pillow?
A: Dear customer, firstly you need to pull the buttons in the center of the front and back of the pillow outward at the same time to separate the buttons, then open the side zipper to remove the pillowcase, wash the pillowcase by hand or machine, and place the pillow core in a cool place to ventilate. Please remember not to wash the pillow core or exposed it to the sun.
2. Can this Pillow help with snoring?
A :It certainly has the possibility of helping with snoring reduction, but only because it elevates your head, and is particularly great for side sleeping. The root cause of snoring has to do with the anatomy of one's mouth, also, chronic nasal congestion, or a crooked partition between the nose, which can be fixed with surgery.. Drinking alcohol - can really exacerbate snoring. Being overweight or obese contributes to excessive snoring. Having a narrow airway, which my sister had, can be fixed with surgery. Sleeping on ones' back can exacerbate snoring - so again, this pillow is great for side sleeping - which can reduce snoring, but cannot solve the other issues at all.
3. Does this pillow help with carpal tunnel?
 Yes,this donama pillow  has a good place to put your hands when you sleep could be comfortable for you.